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We’ve Cracked The Companions' Biggest Mystery

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  • 게시일 2022. 11. 25.

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  • TheEpicNate315

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  • woodsycreator

    11 years later and here I am, still learning about Skyrim. No matter how many hours I have put into this game, Nate never fails to give you a new tale in the world of the elder scrolls!

  • Just Your Regular Fire

    And when Skyrim fans needed him the most, he returned. THE. LEGEND. IS. BACK!

  • Multiversal Mike

    I always wondered why they never officially made Skyforge Armor.

  • Shaheem
    Shaheem  +15

    Funny, in czech language werewolf is vlkodlak, leader of companions is Kodlak. Of course in most of the slavic languages is it also similar, but in czech is it the closest word. It comes from ancient slavic form vъlkodlakъ (wolf skin) Coincidence? I don't think so :D

  • Natsirt666
    Natsirt666  +134

    Weird question, but would you consider doing a series of short videos where you read all the books found within the world of The Elder Scrolls? Like an audio-book version for Skyrim, "Skydible", IYKWIM...

  • Adonai Gaspar

    No wonder the snow elves were afraid of the Forge. The Forge was Kyne's side meaning it was wanderer elnohfey territory making the old elnohfey descendants (elves) fear it now

  • Alibium
    Alibium  +1

    Another well-forged video by the blacksmith known as Nate! Not even skyrforge steel can beat this one!

  • Just Me
    Just Me  +119

    I've played hundreds of hours of Skyrim since its release and only in this video did I realize, the Companions's mead hall was built out of their overturned ship. It's amazing how many new nuggets of lore are still out there to be found.

  • Fandom Recipes

    Such an incredible game series. Kirkbride and the other lore writers are masters. Glad you're back to helping us explore this amazing series.

  • xX WyTeBreaD Xx

    Man I love these lore videos you do. They are laid out so well I just can’t stop watching.

  • Callisto_Arcas

    Another amazing commentary! I look forward to the one hour deep dive. Thank you for all of the work you put into the production of your videos!

  • Mike Wang

    I have to say that this is one of the best Skyrim review channels I have seen, loved your videos! Always something to learn about Skyrim!Great to see that Skyrim community is still going strong even after all these years :)

  • TheEpicNate315

    Feels good to be back :)

  • Shark Bite
    Shark Bite  +209

    Here's a tiny detail some might have missed. If you go east of Ivarstead to Snapleg Cave there is a coven of witches, hags and a hagraven keeping an spriggan in a cage. Release the spriggan and it will kill the hag and hagraven. Follow it out of the cave, it will lead you to Eldergleam Sanctuary and dying shortly before making it back to its home.

  • Sean Whitehall

    I was sad when Euroland Greymane died in my play though. Came for smithing training one day and he was gone. Warmaiden lady Adrianne Avenicci confirmed it.

  • Neon Vivec

    This has to be my favourite mystery you've covered, absolutely great work bro!

  • SynthLizard8

    I always hated how I was forced to turn in to a werewolf, it not only messes with my character's head-cannon, it also effects my playstyle.

  • Crisper

    Really enjoying your videos as I’ve just rediscovered Skyrim after many years. And finding a KRclipr making new content is refreshing. Thanks!

  • Not a Dog
    Not a Dog  +569

    I believe that The Skyforge and the Selkie Statue are some of the last few remnants of the Wandering Elnofey's early religion. I believe the animals/cryptids depicted by the statues are the earliest totemic depictions of the Aedra, in specific, I think the Skyforge depicts a representation of Kyne while the Selkie is of Dibella.